LHL Hospital Gardermoen

The new hospital for The National Association for Heart and Lung Disease (LHL) consists of 1749 rooms, with operating theaters, polyclinical rooms, bedrooms and more. The hospitals location, 10 minutes from Oslo Airport OSL, gives easy access for patients from all over Norway.

The project had a target price of 1,5 billion NOK (about 150 million €) and sets the bar when it comes to energy efficiency, indoor environment and universal design。 Innovative solutions have been awarded with 30 million NOK in subsidies from Enova。 The ambition was to build twice as fast and to a 25 % lower cost than traditional hospital。 They met their goal, and the LHL hospital was awarded “Building of the year 2018” in Norway。

Systemair has delivered the air handling units for the new hospital – in total 33 DVCompact-units with a combined capacity of 295 000 m3/h. All units, except those who supply operating theaters, kitchens and sterile rooms, are equipped with high efficiency rotary heat exchangers with rotor bypass and combination batteries. All units have high heat recovery efficiency and low SFP-factors and are built in accordance with strict hygienic requirements.

  • Type: Hospital
  • Location: Gardermoen, Norway
  • Size: 28 500 m2
  • AHU capasity: 295 000 m3/h


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