Neon Office, Poland

Gdańsk, Poland

Did you know that the NEON office building is the last office building in the Alchemia complex in Gdańsk? So far, 5 buildings have been built in 3 stages: Aurum, Platinum, Ferrum, Titanium and Argon, with a total office space of 73.7 thousand m2.

Each NEON office floor is over 3,000 m2 of the most modern H-shaped space. Maintained to the highest standard and flexible, the offer meets the changing expectations of the office market. The building has received pre-certification in the LEED system at the highest PLATINUM level. This means that during the design and construction of the NEON, a number of stringent requirements were met, thanks to which the facility is not only environmentally friendly, but also contributes to reducing maintenance costs.

Visual comfort and impact on the well-being of employees was achieved due to the fact that the building was designed in the shape of the letter H, which ensures excellent surface lighting with natural light。 The acoustic comfort of employees is guaranteed by a very quiet, fully glazed facade。 High thermal comfort for people staying in the office building is ensured by an advanced climate management system - temperature, air flow or air humidification。 The reduction of energy consumption is guaranteed by the building facade providing a high level of protection against heat loss, energy-saving lighting systems, hydro-saving sanitary facilities。

Systemair fans and diffusers contribute to the optimal functioning of the ventilation system in the building. FRICO curtains create an air barrier in the passage zones, ensuring a comfortable climate inside the office building. In the main entrance, at the revolving door, we can see SFS WING models made of mirror-gloss stainless steel, while at the side doors, PA models.

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