The Bagnskleiv tunnel

The Bagnskleiv tunnel is a 4,3 km new built tunnel in the Valdres region in Norway. The tunnel is located along E16 which is the main road that connects east and west Norway. In its full length, E16 stretches from Londonderry in Northern Ireland to Gävle in Sweeden.

The tunnel has a gradient of approximately 5 %. To efficiently control smoke in both directions, and to meet the standards and requirements of the Norwegian road authorities, a total of over 40 kilonewtons of net thrust was needed.

To ensure adequate capacity of the ventilation system, Systemair provided the necessary thrust calculations for the project。 A total of 30 tunnel fans where delivered, to ensures safety and air quality in the tunnel。

  • 30 pcs AJ1250 truly reversible fans in stainless steel 1.4404, including silencers
  • Motors: 75 kW IE3
  • Isolator switches in SS 1.4404
  • Temperature class F250 i.a.w. ISO 13350
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