Europe's first underwater restaurant, "Under", has just opened in the south of Norway. The restaurant is designed by Snøhetta architects, and with a large part of the building being submerged, guests can look forward to a unique fine-dining experience.

In the dining area the guests can enjoy exquisite food courses caught fresh from the sea outside。 They can also study the ingredients up close, as they swim by the large, submerged panoramic window。 Scientists have in fact developed ways to attract fish and other marine wildlife by clever use of light and sound。

Fresh air and floor space are valuable commodities in any submerged setting; “Under” is therefor ventilated by a very compact and energy efficient Topvex SR09 air handling unit. 

It you visit the restaurant we recommend the amazing 18-course tasting menu. And please give a small thought to the Topvex unit serving you the fresh air – 5 meters below the surface.

  • Type: Restaurant
  • Location: Lindesnes, Norway
  • Architect: Snøhetta
  • Size: 495 m2 


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