Systemair Configurator for Topvex

Systemair is now releasing the new selection concept Systemair Configurator for Topvex。

Systemair presents the first step in a new product selection concept. The platform is developed for today's and future technique. The tool will get new functions during time which makes the selection even easier and the information clearer. Developed advanced integrations with CAD-tools will also be implemented.

秒速赛车开户The user-friendly interface allows you to find your Topvex air handling unit in a quick and easy manner. Included functionality is for instance:

  • Easy selection via quick filtration to find correct model
  • Adapt your choice with intuitive configuration functionality
  • All technical information about the products is now included in the configurator
  • Access to details via 3D view of the air handling unit and mounted accessories
  • CAD export in .dxf format
  • Simple creation of technical reports

Start using Systemair Configurator for Topvex here. (works best with Google Chrome)

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