Systemair Geniox air handling units are "hygienic by design"

We now offer third-party certified hygienic options for our entire range of modular Geniox air handling units. Hygiene-friendly is a standard offering.

All Geniox materials and components are always hygiene friendly。 In addition, the entire Geniox range of modular air handling units, which is the company’s major one, can be configured as a VDI 6022-1 certified unit using the manufacturer’s selection software, SystemairCAD。 Audits are performed by an accredited third-party laboratory in Germany。  

Evgeny Gorelkov, Product Area Director AHU at Systemair, said: “The goal of a correctly operated and maintained air handling unit is to enable a good, healthy indoor climate. This improves our well-being, reduces sickness levels and helps us perform better at work, leisure, and in school. Today, more than ever, indoor air quality is essential. As a result, it is Systemair’s belief that all air handling units should be hygiene-friendly at minimum. Hygienic should become more of a standard, not only for hospitals and clean rooms, but also for general ventilation applications.” 

Gorelkov also highlighted that “customers deserve more clarity on hygienic air handling unit definitions。 Today, it is not always clear what it involves, and what it takes to comply。 We aim to be as precise as possible in our communication and provide valuable additional information to enhance the overall understanding and transparency。”  

One of the focus points of VDI 6022-1 is easy cleanability. The air handling unit design should make it possible for the operator to clean all parts of the unit. It is, for example, required that all surfaces are smooth and that there are no sharp edges or shapes where dirt can accumulate. These is just one of many areas which make Systemair Geniox units hygienic by design. 

Learn more on our #HygienicByDesign page.

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