Let’s strengthen the V

Good, healthy indoor air is more essential than ever

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning. In short: HVAC. Commonly used to term our industry. Yet, neglecting one important factor. Our sector’s overall mission:

To provide a good indoor climate, enabling people to thrive, and industrial processes to function.

Correct ventilation is key to achieve this. It is an essential, yet often overlooked, component of the HVAC terminology. Here’s why it’s time to Strengthen the V!

What’s the purpose of ventilation?

Ventilation enables us to breathe clean air. It removes polluted air (e.g. diesel particles, fumes, infectious aerosols) from our environment, replacing it with good quality air.

Good to know: Ventilation is often seen as a part of air conditioning. Yet, remember that your common room air conditioner usually does not provide any fresh, well filtered air. In fact, it often only recirculates the air in your room, “conditioning” it by cooling it down.

Why is ventilation so important?

On average 90% of our time is spent indoors. It is thus essential that correct ventilation is optimised.

Numerous academic studies have proven that a healthy indoor climate improves our well-being, reduces sickness levels and helps us perform better at work, in school, and at leisure.

Especially today, we see a steadily increasing awareness and need for improved high levels of ventilation to ensure healthy indoor environments. In fact, correct ventilation is considered more essential than ever, which is positive.

How is Systemair enabling healthy indoor climates?

Developing products that deliver a healthy indoor air while saving energy has always been part of our DNA. This is what we do, every day, across the globe.

Within our ventilation systems today we encourage the incorporation of high-end controllers and sensor technologies to permanently measure and react to factors such as temperature, pressure, CO2 levels, particle concentrations and air humidity – to improve indoor air quality as needed。

This allows our systems to dynamically and correctly respond to any given situation. Providing fresh air, and saving energy.

Is the quality of indoor air sufficiently regulated?

Unlike energy efficiency or outdoor air pollution (e。g。 governments regulating Diesel particles in large cities), for example, regulatory requirements on indoor air quality are still evolving and not yet where they deserve to be。

It is thus vitally important that we all call for stricter, harmonized, regulatory requirements in this area and create clear associated incentives for all。 For the HVAC industry to continually innovate and improve, enabling end-users to utilise these improved systems in the indoor spaces they frequent。

What can I do to strengthen the V?

In the first place. Ask for it, question the status quo. Examples:

  • Does my office have an appropriate fresh air supply and filtration?
  • Is my hotel room correctly ventilated or just recirculating the existing air?
  • Does my favourite restaurant or bar have a proper ventilation system and turned it on?
  • Does my house or flat have a centralised residential ventilation system?

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Your local Systemair representatives across the globe are always by your side.

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